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Domquartier Salzburg

Salzburg, Austria

15,000 magnificent square meters – 2,000 stunning exhibits – 1,300 moving years. The DomQuartier Salzburg is unique highlight in the heart of Salzburg. A single admission ticket lets you experience an extraordinary walking tour of the museum, closed to the public for 200 years. Starting in the Residence, you will walk through the Residence State Rooms, the Residence Gallery, the Cathedral Museum and St. Peter's Museum. The baroque Rossacher collection can also be admired at the North Oratory.
DomQuartier Salzburg offer fresh insight into the former center of archiepiscopal power. The history of political power, art history and architecture are presented in a unique juxtaposition. The new museum walk also offers new and impressive outlooks of the city of Salzburg and the local mountains.
Prince Archbishop Guidobald Graf von Thun (in office from 1654 to 1668) was one of the most important architects of baroque Salzburg. He built the Cathedral Arches, Residence and Cathedral Square as well as what is now the Long Gallery. This forms the basis of the new, one of a kind museum walk. In addition to the Salzburg Cathedral Quarters, many other baroque buildings can be found throughout the city, making it the most prominent baroque city north of the Alps.

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