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Vienna, Austria

Until 1918, Hofburg was the center of the gigantic Habsburg empire. Today, Hofburg is the official seat of the Austrian President in Vienna. Here you will find more than two dozens collections of international status. You will also discover cafés, restaurants, squares and parks to while away the time. Welcome to an imperial march through history, art and luxury, welcome to Hofburg.

Emperor Franz Joseph and his Elisabeth lived here with their children and the entire royal household. From this location they represented the realm of the Habsburg and directed its politics. One can see not only the rooms for the officers of the imperial household, the large Audience Hall (with a painting by the Biedermeier painter Peter Krafft) and the Conference Room, where ministers and the crown council held their meetings. But one can also view the office of Emperor Franz Joseph as well as the living room and bedroom of his wife, numerous salons and an old-fashioned bathroom.

The rooms are in the Rococo style, with rich stucco work and valuable tapestries from Brussels (17th and 18th centuries), chandeliers made from Bohemian crystal and tiled stoves made from porcelain. The furniture, added in the nineteenth century, is in the Louis XV and Empire styles.

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