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House Of Music

Vienna, Austria

Vienna, the city of music, there is also a place where you will be "all ears." Take yourself on a musical journey in Vienna's singular Museum of Sound – in the historical palace of Archduke Karl in the old city center. Observe the great composers, look over their shoulders as they work, confront the greatest musicians of our time, and look at the musical future of computer music. Six floors invite you into the world of the sound and noise phenomena - every day until 10:00 p.m. Music is not only for listening to: in the House of Music, you can also see, feel and even create the sounds and noises yourself. Computer installations are your tour guides.

Fascinating installations

The virtostage is a multimedia and interactive production. Anyone who moves in front of the screen intervenes in the running of the 15-minute opera "zeitperlen". The music was recorded by members of the Vienna Philharmonic, the vocals are by opera star Natalia Ushakova. These sound environments blend with the image worlds into a new overall work of art on each occasion. The special virtostage for children presents the "zookonzert", where the crocodile sings the blues, the frog dances the polka and the centipede tap-dances.

Another installation is NAMADEUS, which was created after Mozart's musical game KV 516f. The names are changed into an original Mozart interpretation.

The interactive application Facing Mozart lets visitors bring to live a Mozart portrait, with the use of an application called "facetracking". Slip into his role and control his head movements and facial expressions ...

The great composers Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven float as holograms through the air.

In the case of the virtual conductor, the Vienna Philharmonic - or at least its video projection - obeys everyone who wants to try their hand at conducting. However, the professional musicians respond to an overly poor sense of rhythm with criticism.

Experience Music Step by Step: The fixed stairs at the beginning of the sound museum's musical tour therefore act as a piano with 13 movement-sensitive steps as keys, each illuminating the activated note on the wall panel.

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