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Museum Of Natural History And Technology

Salzburg, Austria

Gigantic Dinosaurs from millions of years ago meet exhibits from the age of space travel. The underwater diversity of the Aquarium gets together with rare Reptiles from all over the World. The journey around the human Body and interactive experiments in the Science Center Guarantee even more excitement. Discover the fascination of nature.

From the beginning to tomorrow´s world
The Haus der Natur – Museum for natural science and technology – is a real crowd-puller. A tour of the museum reveals the full fascination of the natural world. At the entrance gigantic dinosaurs show how the world looked millions of years ago. Just a few steps away another section offers excitement in outer space and insights into the endless expanse of the universe. Our achievements in space travel bear witness to the age-old dream of mankind of making long journeys to faraway galaxies.

Science Center: Hands-on technology
Find hands-on, easy-to-understand physics and technology in the science center. There are almost endless opportunities to conduct experiments – to make electricity with turbines, glide through the air on a lifting platform, build a bridge and test it out. The science center offers lots of opportunities for active involvement.

The living museum
If that’s too technological there’s always the aquarium next door with colorful coral reefs and the fascinating world of underwater life. Just a couple of floors further up there are foreign cultures and strange life forms from far-flung regions of the world. In the reptile zoo even encounters with live snakes and lizards become the most natural thing in the world.

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