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Stiegl - World Of Brewing

Salzburg, Austria

No other place is more capable of acquainting guests with the world of this popular barley drink so tangibly, visibly and interactively than Stiegl Brauwelt within Salzburg’s oldest privately-owned brewery. Visitors can look forward to a unique 270° Stiegl brewery cinema experience, the famous beer tower and an opportunity to sample some great beer. The beer tower features all of Austria’s bottled beers and is just one of the highlights of a visit to the Stiegl Brauwelt. The beer discovery tour begins in the brewery shop. Then Stiegl’s 270° cinema shows the Stiegl blockbuster ‘The nature of beer’. A unique projection technique gives visitors the feeling of being part of the action, and not just mere spectators.

Visitors can then see the in-house brewing facilities and find out everything about the drink’s raw ingredients and also lots of fascinating facts about the world of beer. For example, did you know that until the 16th century beer brewing was almost exclusively women’s work? Or did you know it’s a time-honoured tradition for a couple of two-horse carts to deliver Stiegl beer to local pubs and restaurants around the town?

Once you have seen the master brewers in action there’s an opportunity to enjoy the products of their labours. Visitors can check out the sampling and beer maturation cellar, and seize the rare chance to taste the ingredients and sample partly matured beers. At last, it’s time to see the most popular subject for photos in the whole brewery – the beer tower! Finally, the tour ends in the Stiegl Museum, after which guests can also go to one of the many Brauwelt restaurants and buffets to enjoy some great down-to-earth culinary fayre. Good to know: Guests can register in advance and even brew their own personal blend of beer. More information is available at Stiegl Brauwelt.

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