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Central - Eastern European Tour With 11 Countries

Central - Eastern European Tour With 11 Countries Packages
Central-eastern European Tour With 11 Countries This tour is a unique chance to explore famous European cities within 9 days. Each city bears evidence of its fascinating historical past and at the same time its own . .
Country: Austria
City: Vienna
Duration: 10 Day(s) - 9 Night(s)
Tour Category: Culture Tours
Departure Date: Thu 01 Jan '99

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Central-eastern European Tour With 11 Countries

This tour is a unique chance to explore famous European cities within 9 days. Each city bears evidence of its fascinating historical past and at the same time its own exquisite charm.
Budapest → Bratislava → Vienna → Venice → Verona → Genoa → Monte Carlo → Marseille → Geneva → Paris → Luxemburg → Brussels → Rotterdam → Amsterdam → Cologne → Frankfurt

Day 1: Arrival

Arrive at the Budapest Airport and check in at the hotel.

Day 2: Budapest City Tour

Today you will meet the mighty city of Budapest. This is the city where every building, route, scenery, and cozy café will astonish you and leave an unforgettable memory. The tour includes Heroes’ Square, Fisherman’s Bastion, Opera House, Chain Bridge, and Royal Palace as the major sightseeing spots of the city. Only Budapest can demonstrate the biggest Parliament building in Europe, the largest functional synagogue, the longest tram, and the first underground road on the continent.

After the fascinating discovery of Budapest, you will travel via Bratislava and its picturesque old city to one of the most exciting cities in the world – Vienna. During a sightseeing tour, you will drive along the eminent Ring Boulevard with its splendid palaces. You will see the world-famous Vienna State Opera, Imperial Residence Hofburg, Parliament, Vienna City Hall, and State Theatre. The last stop of the Tour will be the architectural landmark of Vienna – Schönbrunn Palace. This is an excellent way to learn Vienna’s history and its most important sights.

Optional: Strauss and Mozart Concert at Kursalon Vienna

Overnight in Vienna.

Day 3: City Tour

Today you will experience the wonderful world of Styrian warm hospitality, famous for its homemade cuisine, breathtaking nature, castles, and distinguished history. Mysteriously hidden in the wild, Herberstein Castle is one of the most romantic and famous castles in Austria. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to feel the spirit of the past by yourself as the eminent dynasty lives here to date. Afterward, the road will take you to another beautiful federal state of Austria – Carinthia, which is famous for its lakes, especially the majestic Lake Wörth.

Next on the agenda is Venice. This extraordinary city seems to be unreal and exists only in our imagination. Today you will have an opportunity to see Venice not only on the postcards but also with your own eyes. You will walk along countless amount of channels and each time cross over a unique bridge. The authentic Venice world will bring you back to the time of Casanova and Vivaldi.
Overnight in Venice.

Day 4: Verona

Today you will travel from one fabulous city to another. Verona can boldly compete with Paris for the top place in the list of the most romantic cities in the world. According to William Shakespeare, it was the city where the most famous love story took place, the story of Juliet and her Romeo. It comes as no surprise that Verona belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Transfer to Genoa.

During the centuries, Genoa has been competing with Venice over the title of the “The Bride of the Sea” and this naturally contributed to the cultural and industrial development of the city. The bank of St. George functioned here since 1407 and was the oldest bank in the world. You will visit the heart of Genoa, Piazza De Ferrari, the towers of Columbus’ House, the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, and the scenic Harbour of Genoa.

Overnight in one of the hotels on the French Riviera.

Day 5: Monaco

Gorgeous and glittering Monaco is a tiny royal principality on the French Riviera. Less than two square kilometers in size, it is perhaps the most glamorous little stretch of land on the planet. The Pearl of the French Rivera is Monte-Carlo. The city is intersected by two elegant boulevards, the Boulevard Princesse Charlotte in the west and the Boulevard des Moulins at its southwestern end. There are many fashionable shopping streets, such as the Avenue de la Costa with its luxury boutiques and the Opera House is also in this district. You will also see the Port Hercule, which is included among the world's most photographed ports.

The next stop of our trip will be the second-largest city in France city, Marseille. The city that never sleeps and is an anytime destination. Marseilles is a Provencal city with vitality, centered around the 26-century-old port, with a dynamic downtown, big parks, a medieval-village-style neighborhood, downtown shopping, and wonderful seafood.

Overnight in Marseille.

Day 6: Geneva

If you travel to Geneva once, it will stay in your heart forever. You will soon see why Geneva is one of the best-known cities in the world. Stroll along the backstreets of the old town and discover the city’s many historical treasures. Switzerland’s biggest historical city is overlooked by St. Peter’s Cathedral, the center of the Reformation movement. It is just a few steps from the flowers of Geneva's most famous clock to the dazzling shop windows of the Rue du Rhône, where you can find an amazing concentration of world-famous watches and luxury brands.

Besides the metropolitan life of Geneva, you will enjoy its natural treasures, such as Lake Geneva. It is the largest Alpine lake in Europe and is always compared to a huge mirror, as the water is incredibly clear and still that it reflects every bush and house on the shore.

After traveling to one of the most successful cities in Europe, today you will also have a chance to meet the most romantic one. Transfer to Paris.

Overnight in Paris.

Day 7: Paris

Paris offers the largest concentration of tourist attractions in France, and possibly in Europe. Besides some of the world's most famous museums, it has a vibrant historic city center, a beautiful riverscape, an extensive range of historic monuments, including cathedrals, chapels, and palaces, and of course the most recognizable construction of the world, the Eiffel Tower. Embrace the unique atmosphere of the city and make unforgettable memories in the most popular city in the world.

Afterward, you will travel through the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg to Belgium and its capital Brussels. Currently, the city is considered the cultural center of Belgium and the political center of the European Union. You will see one of the most spectacular central squares of the world, the Grand Square. In addition, you will see the City Hall, including the world’s famous monument and the city symbol Manneken Pis (Little man Pee). One of the most noticeable places in the city is the Royal Palace of Brussels, today it is the official residence of the King of Belgium.

Overnight in Brussels.

Day 8

Today the road will take you through the Netherlands’ two most important cities. Rotterdam is the second-largest city in the country and used to be the biggest harbor until Shanghai took first place. Due to its innovative constructions, Rotterdam is known under the name of “the city of architecture”. The trip through the Netherlands will continue, as you are to visit Amsterdam.

The city is very diverse as every kind of tourist can find a suitable attraction in order to make the visit unforgettable. You will see the old and the new town of Amsterdam which will demonstrate how historically rich, successful and developed the city is.

Now you will have to say goodbye to the Netherlands and greet Germany.

Overnight in Cologne.

Day 9: Cologne

Our route will include a visit to the historical and economical treasures of Germany, Cologne. The city was almost destroyed during WWII. The symbol of the city, Cologne Cathedral is the only historically significant building that has remained after the war. Today the old town of the city with its cozy cafes and stores is a perfect place for spending a day or even for a brief visit.

The final stop for today will be the business capital and the most technological and modern city of Germany, Frankfurt is Main. Due to its business-like character, it is often called Main-Hatten. However, do not expect the city to be built only out of glass and cement.

There are also districts that represent the old-fashioned look of a German town. As the city was destroyed during WWII, there is no building in Frankfurt that is older than 50 years. Frankfurt combines the elegant buildings of the museum's promenade and the modern constructions of the Bank quarter, which shine at night with thousands of lights.
Overnight in Frankfurt.

Day 10: Departure


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